500 Startups – week 9 Wrap (50% over)

Personal log, earth date 12-7-5,774

Whoa, good to be back in the swing of things for a few more weeks before things quiet down again.

500 did a good job this week setting up presentations and knowledge transfer sessions every day this week.

It was a bit quiet early in the week as teams were getting back from the long weekend. As such we had only a handful of people in the batch meeting (OK, I might have missed it too but I was in the office on a call with an advisor we are trying to get on board for OLSET).

Main takeaway from the batch meeting is that after much deliberation we will have 2 demo days at the end of the batch. One in MountainView and another in NY. Fun times!!!

Wow, what an NFL game Monday night. I am sure Arka Ray from Sidelines app and our local Seahawks fan was very happy!

On Tuesday Mike Greenfield from Circle of Moms dropped by to share his experience on email marketing and the fact that while it is unglamorous and Difficult, it is also very effective. Mike shared how they grew Circle of Moms’ Email Engagement Nearly 10x. Very practical advise and pointers.



You can find a recording of this presentation here: http://new.livestream.com/500SAcc/events/2594505

On Wednesday Chikodi Chima shared his experience on how to drive Public Relations in Startups and How to build an audience, get press, and stay in the conversation. Chikodi had some very good and practical ideas.

Chikodi Chima

Apparently there was a problem with the recording of this session but when it is available, you will be able to find it here: http://new.livestream.com/500SAcc/events/2596697

On Wednesday afternoon the team from Chewse (500 Startups batch 5) hosted a cookie potluck and invited all local 500 family companies to join. Wow, very “tough” evening of cookies and wine (aka death by chocolate as Tracey from Chewse put it :)). Great to connect with other teams and founders from the 500 S family.


Thursday kicked off with a great mentor meeting with Matt Tillman, Matt shared a lot of information about the advertising world, how it works and who the players are. Great to see that there are companies similar to OLSET trying to drive deep analytics in the online ads world.

In the afternoon 500’s very own Matt Berman gave a talk about Facebook Ads, how to create them, how to target etc. We are trying to see if we can “hire” Matt and the distribution team for a couple months so they can help us with some B2C marketing efforts. Yet another one of the perks of being at 500.

Matt Berman


On Thursday evening Victoria Ransom the founder and CEO of Wldfire which was recently acquired by Google gave a very insightful fireside chat. We were asked not to share insights from the chat as it was very personal. All I’ll say is that I heard there were rumors of wedding proposals during the presentation…

Victoria On Friday the team from Amazon AWS bought us pizza (thank you) and gave a presentation on Scaling to Your First 10M Users led by Todd Varland. We then had 1:1 meetings with Amazon to discuss how we can optimize our instances. It is great to have this free support for AWS. BTW, I mentioned Rewardli (https://500.rewardli.com/offers) in the past and I highly recommend to any startup to take advantage of the offers here. We are essentially hosting for free on AWS for 24 months. Great way to save money.

Looking forward to another fun-filled week next week including the first OLSET investor / mentor / team  meeting on Tuesday.


Have a great weekend



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