500 Startups week 8 Wrap – Turkey week

Personal log, earth date 12-1-5774

Well, we thought it was going to be a short week so not much happening. Turns out there is no such thing at 500 Startups…

Monday morning started bright and early (Amyn and I were in by 8AM and had 500 S to ourselves forabout an hour an hour).

Of course, I had my little breakfast of champions!



Monday at noon we had a sparsely attended batch meeting. Dave was back (for a while) so the meeting was much more entertaining than expected….I’ll stick to calling it “colorful”.



On Tuesday Andrei Marinescu from from the 500 S growth team came to visit from LA and gave a talk about different metrics, calculation, tracking and presenting them. Always good to be reminded of the basics. 



You can see Andrei’s presentation on Slideshare, here: http://www.slideshare.net/500startups/500-s-batch-7-metrics-presentation?from_search=1.

I managed to capture a “conference call” 500 S style on film. Scott & Pouria from CityBlis showing off how you optimize resources. I guess you get very close as startup founders….



We had an amazing sunset Tuesday evening. It looked like the sky in Mountain View was on fire. One can only assume it is due to all the progress our batch-mates are making and lighting it up.


I mentioned in the past that one of the advantages of being at 500 Staruptups is the random visits we get from great people who can share amazing knowledge. On Wednesday Samir Patel of SearchForce fame dropped by and gave up many insights into “Dirty tricks for Adwords & Google Analytics”. A bit scary to see how much there is to learn and how much we don’t know about Google Adwords. I am happy that at OLSET we focus mainly on distribution through our partners 🙂


You can see Samir’s presentation here: http://new.livestream.com/500SAcc/adwords

Wednesday was also the last day to apply for the SF batch of 500 Startups which starts early next year. Waiting for the stats on applciations but needless to say it was in the 4 digits and only 20-30 companies will make it in. Looking forward to having them as part of the family and seeing the new downtown office. 

Wednesday evening was the 500 S Thanksgivnukah potluck.

There was Waaaaaay to much food (and a bit of alcohol too :)). I am proud to report that my latkes were the first to go.



We have some sightings of founders showing off their eating skills. Here’s Hana from Bounty Huntr exploring her Jewish roots.



P.S. Rare sighting of Angela Potter from OLSET in the background…

And Raz from 3Sourcing scaring his food.



That was about it for the 3 days of week 8.

Very much looking forward to the next stretch of 4 weeks lading up to Christmas and New years. A lot of stuff to do in this period. First thing’s first, launching the beta with our partner Any.Do this week.

Have a great week



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