500 Startups week 7 Wrap – the missing week…

Personal Log earth date 11-23-5774


I am very happy to be back in San Francisco after an amazing week at the Travel Innovation Summit in Hollywood Florida.

I missed the week at 500 Startups so this report comes to you directly from Atish Davda @EquityZen, Angela Potter from OLSET and what I collected from emails and communication from other batch-mates and the 500 S team.

Monday kicked off with a mentor meeting with Joyce Kim from Freestyle. Joyce previously founded SimpleHoney (a travel startup) so she had great pointers. This meeting was followed by the weekly batch meeting.

We had a Facebook trip on Monday afternoon to learn more about their advertising solutions.

Meanwhile in Hollywood Florida, we were preparing for the OLSET pitch at the PhocusWright Travel Innovation Summit (#TIS13).



On Tuesday, Robert Scoble dropped by 500 S for a visit and presented his take on social media. Great to hear from him that he believes in the trend for companies to be increasingly personalized — using context to detect user needs. Robert also highlighted how important it is to overcome the “creepy factor” that users feel when you’re tracking them all the time and allowing them to customize manually if they want, and to allow them to turn off tracking.

And, in Florida at the same time, I was presenting on stage. You can view a recording of my presentation here: http://phocuswrightconference.com/ondemand (if the OLSET presentation doesn’t start immediately, look for it in the list below).

On Tuesday afternoon our friends from the Samsung Open Innovation Center (OIC) came to visit, mentor the companies and learn more about our innovations. We had met with them in the past so we skipped this meeting but we look forward to working with them going forward.

Tuesday wrapped up with 1:1 meetings with the Gunderson law firm for those teams that need some legal help. We are happy with our partnership with Wilson Sonsini so again we skipped this one.

On Wednesday we set up our booth at the conference and got to meet other 500 statups founders from MyGola who were our neighbors.


Meanwhile back at the ranch in Mountain View, 500’s very own Sean Percival gave a riveting presentation (based on people who were there, I still need to review the recording) about getting started with SEO. Based on the summary I received Sean imparted a lot of good information.



Our friends from MyGola were selected as the Brand USA Marketing innovator so we celebrated with them on Wednesday evening:


On Thursday, Brad Jefferson the co-founder & CEO of Animoto came by for a fireside chat. Brad shared stories about growing Animoto from nothing to 8Mn registered users and 65 employees, as well as the the trials & tribulations of founder life.


To wrap up the week, 500 organized the Warm Gun design Conference on Friday. You can find more information here: http://warmgun.com/


Looking forward to being back at 500 Startups starting tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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