500 Startups Week 2 Wrap (I would feel bad that I am not getting enough done if I had time)

Personal log, earth date 10-19-5774.

Week 2 is a wrap. I guess this week can be called: Mentors, Video and other things I can’t write about…

Week kicked off with an early morning call talking to our friends at Any.Do preparing for our partnership launch at the end of the month.

This was followed by the weekly batch meeting. Some interesting discussion but George (the fireman) gets accolades for the most interesting discussion regarding fire safety…


Monday and Tuesday were packed with mentor meetings. WOW, we have a lot to do :). Some great pointers and advise from mentors including Eli Altman, Sridhar Solur, Patrick Vlaskovits, Jennifer Gove, Navin Prasad, David Shen and Justin Thorp. Yep, quite a few mentor meetings.

The extracurricular activity for the week was all about videos and interviews. These will be shared with the world soon as part of 500 S’s announcement of our batch. For a sneak preview here are a few people from the batch showing off their skills.


Mark Saldana was kind enough to interview all the companies and share what we do with the world. The interviews will be shared soon. As proof, here’s a picture of Mark & Nick (Mr. Populr) in the studio.


In an effort to expand our relationships in Silicon Valley we had a number of visits with our friends at Plug & Play Ventures. Some great introductions and feedback. I’ll let you be the judge on the creativity of their colors…


I think the teams are starting to get more comfortable in the office:


Or we might just be spending too much time in the office (napping under the desk is encouraged if you are tired, well at least Daniel thinks it is :)):


The batch finally put up all our pictures on the 500 S wall of fame. Looks pretty cool:


I made my small contribution to the wall. I can’t believe the Israeli flag was not up there before:


We had a visit from the Samsung OIC team on Thursday afternoon and they showed off their skills on the ZBoard:


On Friday we had a crash course in design with some Google designers & developers. Very interesting how large companies work!


Of course I had my breakfast of champions on Wednesday.


Many, many other things happened this week including meetings with our partner GetGoing in preparation for our combined launch. I figure you stopped reading 2 pictures ago so I’ll go start working on my presentation for the Travel Innovation Summit.

I’ll leave you with this great picture at Stanford from Friday evening. Great meeting with some old friends there last night.


Have a great week


P.S. Melissa, thanks for the awesome espresso brownies on Friday.

P.P.S. If you haven’t signed up to OLSET go to http://www.olset.com and see an awesome way to book hotels.


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